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    We at Amledo & Co specialize in project development, human resource, research, evaluation, marketing and communications with focus on European projects.

Vocational Training and Education

We can assist you in developing projects that both create new knowledge and deepen existing know-how by training and education. Amledo & Co has an excellent record of a large number of European funded projects focusing on vocational training and education in Sweden and Europe. We focus on knowledge and competence development in cooperation with various organisation, business, municipalities or vocational and educational institution and we have great knowledge of education and training in Sweden. Our staff has during the last years successfully carried out projects in vocational educational training in cooperation with social partners and enterprises. The feedback has been very positive. We have wide experiences of transnational projects and promotion of transnational exchange of good practice in vocational educational training.

We are experts in research activities e.g. existing best practices and their contexts. In methods and techniques to help the identification, definition and classification of best practices and development of tools for best practices. We provide competence in needs analysis in vocational training and education of action and professionalism and training paths; development of methods and techniques for the need analysis internal to each organization; about communication methods, tools and behaviors; development of tools and methods supporting the communication, dialog and cooperation; organization and development of the network – structure of services and promotion.

EU has a huge budget for education and employment projects which:

  • Promote the EU and member countries to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy
  • Includes participants from several member countries (only thematic programs)
  • Leads to results that are useful in a European perspective
  • Meet the demands of the current programs