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Benefits of digital teaching in VET

German, Danish, Swedish meeting in Gera for collaboration at its best, for vehicle training in sustainable and dynamic development for e-learning.
·        E-learning that is distributed via a learning platform / Learning Management System (LMS) organizes the contact with the learner and you can control content, tasks, and evaluation.
·        Learning platforms give both the learners and the teacher an opportunity for direct follow-up of the educational and training results.
·        The digital format creates an opportunity to develop an automated adapted learning where the content, approach, and pace of study also gives the learner chances to deepen, repeat, and control their learning outside the classroom.
·        Enabling teachers to deliver inclusive digital education; and to develop and/or use quality digital content produced by them self and such as online resources and tools.

Erasmus+ 2020-1-SE01-KA226-VET-092422. Coordinator Amledo & Co, Patrick Ärlemalm, CEO.