About us

Since 1990 Amledo & Co have worked with education, traning and project development, human resource, reports, research evaluation, marketing and communications. Since 2009, we are a family business. We have extensive experience delivering superior consultancy solutions to social partners, companies, organisations, municipalities and educational and training institutions. This work is formed by our genuine interest in the development of Europe and the European Community. Amledo & Co wants to participate in European cooperation for the improvement of the labour market by education and training in Sweden and Europe.

We  also been coordinator of mobility for a wide range of Vocational training centres in Sweden, all together about 100 colleges with fine woodwork, industry and automotive training programs. Today we are coordinator of mobility for colleges with automotive training programs in cooperation with social partners.

With our work we contribute to the European Commissions strategy for a smart and sustainable development for everyone. Welcome to Contact us.

Board members

MBA, Patrick Ärlemalm, Directing manager, Amledo & co AB

Msc, Moa Ärlemalm, Expert, Administration Office of The Swedish Parliament

Dr. Eva Ärlemalm-Hagsér, Professor in Educational Science