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More learners want to join vehicle professional training

The number of learners admitted to the vehicle and transport program has increased by seven percent in the academic year 2020/2021. It shows recent statistics from the National Agency for Education. It is a steady trend for four years in a row, the number of learners who have applied for and been admitted to the vehicle and transport program is increasing.

Since 2011, 450 learners and vocational teachers from vehicle professional training program from all over Sweden have performed internships in another EU country coordinated by Amledo & Co in collaboration with Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises and schools with support of Erasmus+.

Through internship and exchange projects, vehicle teachers and students have acquired European work experience and knowledge in their professional field, which has also increased the attractiveness of the vehicle program. In addition, vehicle learners have the highest degree of establishment in the Swedish labour market

– Thank you so much Patrick and again everything you do for schools and learner! Really great job !!, Max Michael, vehicle engineering teacher, Uppsala Vocational College.