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    We at Amledo & Co specialize in project development, human resource, research, evaluation, marketing and communications with focus on European projects.

Strategic Partnership

We can assist you in developing projects that both create new knowledge and deepen existing know-how.

 Amledo & Co has an excellent record of a large number of European funded projects. We focus on knowledge and competence development in cooperation with various organisation, business, municipalities or vocational and educational institution.

We also conduct events and field trips to profile your company, region or municipality in Europe.

E-learning Development

Amledo & Co work with the development of E-learning platforms, some examples;

  • Prowood, where students prepare for their vocational training abroad, online.
  • Inwood, where teachers are prepared for their study visit online.
  • Provehicle, where students are prepared for their internship abroad online.
  • Invehicle where teachers are prepared for their study visit online.
  • Ecofurniture, parts of the Swedish study of the need for skills development in the furniture industry on sustainable production of furniture, was conduced online.
  • European Wood Construction Managers Online Training (EWCM-OT), a European initiative to develop a new European distance education on the internet in wood construction. The aim is to meet the demand for skills needed to increase the use of wood as building material in the European construction.