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What can we do together when the vehicle sector is being digital?

Due to the major technological shift that the vehicle sector is experiencing, with a combination of electric powered and hybrid vehicles, the need for expertise will be quickly affected by increased demand in new technology areas. The technological shift has significance as a required innovation and acquirement of knowledge as the work content becomes more varied. In order for the trade to provide the conditions to benefit from the potentially large technology shift. The content of the courses also needs to be broadened to give students a chance to seize work opportunities in new nearby jobs that arise through the technology shift. A renewal of the educational content is resource-intensive and requires closer cooperation and exchange between the education system and the vehicle sector. Significantly increased resources are needed in order for them to have a chance to renew their skills as technology advances. Education will probably also need to offer more advanced elements than today due to technological developments, and this may possibly lead to a need for new educational pathways that meet the vehicle sector’s demand for competence. It is very difficult for schools to keep up with the rapid technological development of vehicles, both in terms of equipment and training. Resources for continuing education are limited and it can also be a challenge for many teachers to keep up with the latest technology developments. The quality of education can therefore vary greatly from school to school. Electricity and hybrid vehicles are again examples of key technology areas that are accelerating in the transport sector. Vehicle vocational education and training, VET, will hardly be able to follow the latest technological developments in detail, but they must be able to give students a basic understanding of new technology areas so that they can adopt the new technology when they enter working life. For this to work, schools need close and continuous cooperation. Due to the development of technology, education will probably also have to offer more advanced elements than today. The technological shift in the vehicle sector will mean changes in the future.

The objective is to come up with ideas and recommendations of resources that can operate collaboratively in VET in the vehicle trade, in order to upgrade skills as technology advances.

The target group is VET staff in the vehicle sector.


Amledo & Co AB, Coordinator, Sweden

Uppsala Yrkesgymnasium, Sweden

Erikslundsgymnasiet, Sweden

Nyköpings gymnasium, Sweden

Kuressaare Ametikool, Estonia

Byåsen videregående skole, Norway

Bäckadalsgymnasiet, Sweden

The Project runs for 24 months starting on 31/12/2020 and finishing on 30/12/2022. With support from Erasmus+, project number 2020-1-SE01-KA202-077795