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Ecofurniture at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

Newsletter 2

Amledo & Co has in cooperation with the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF) promoted the European project SD-Ecofurniture during Stockholm Furniture Fair 8-12 February 2011. The fair has 750 exhibitors, 40,000 visitors and about 1,050 journalists and photographers attend the fair. Stockholm Furniture Fair is the world’s largest trade fair for Nordic design.

TMF launched Swedish Möbelfakta (Furniture facts) a new label for Swedish companies in the furniture industry. The Swedish Möbelfakta comprises a set of guidelines based on quality, environment and social responsibility. Möbelfakta aims to become the given reference and labelling system for the Swedish furniture industry.  TMF recognize that SD-Ecofurniture could be one way for the industry to deepen their knowledge concerning sustainability in the furniture industry in line with the requirements of Möbelfakta.

The furniture sector can gain from SD-Ecofurniture as a European training and education that deepen their knowledge.  Möbelfakta is today the reference and labelling system adopted by the Swedish industry and provides complete, relevant and updated guidelines for the sector, say Mr Robin Ljungar, manager at TMF.

The European project SD-Ecofurniture aims to create a training for managers in sustainable and ecological practices.

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