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Ecofurniture meeting in Valencia at AIDIMA

The SD-Ecofurniture project partners are meeting in Valencia on AIDIMA the Spanish furniture industry association. At the meeting in Valencia leading industry associations in the furniture industry meets and discusses the development of a new European training for sustainable furniture production, the training is expected to be completed in 2012. The project is funded with EU support from the EU-programme Leonardo da Vinci. AIDIMA organising the meeting are a non-profit private research association, founded in 1984. It is an association of companies and is registered at the Spanish inter-ministerial commission for science and technology. Their main aim is to contribute to enhance competitiveness of the furniture, wood, packaging and related industries, focusing on quality, training, information, health & safety, knowledge, market analysis, environmental issues, as well as on promoting innovation for a better business management in the fields of design, production and processes, marketing and export boosting..