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Lesson plan for digitalportfolio

Here, as a teacher, you get inspiration in the work of designing lessons where students can create their own digital competence portfolio and increase students’ digital competence.

You will receive a basis for formulating a lesson series yourself that can facilitate the work of teaching students how to create a personal digital competence portfolio. The lesson suggestions serve as a support for the teacher in the work of developing students’ interest and commitment to their professional future. An own digital skills portfolio can be used to look for work today and in the future. And encourage the student to develop their ability to innovate and lay a foundation for being well equipped for the future professional life.

Basically, most gained skills and competences and their development process can be used for building a digital portfolio. This is/might be very useful if conventional education and examination at school is very complicated or impossible, for example if the distance is too far or if there is a pandemic. Click on the picture to read more. Easy, simple and free!