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Partner search in the Vehicle sector

The Swedish Transport Group has expressed strong interest in increasing the number of students with professional experience abroad, in particular car, chassis, truck and car paint enterprises. Pupils’ ability to make parts of there training in one of the EU member countries also helps to strengthen the attractiveness of vocational education and facilitate recruitment into programs. The Transport Group encourages vocational schools to participate in projects supported by Leonardo da Vinci. Through a partnership with Amledo & Co, which offers support, advice, management, marketing, strategic development and control of EU-funded project for VET and business, should such a development incentive and help to significantly increase the number of VET trainees with international experience in the transport industry.

Mr Patrick Ärlemalm shall in cooperation with The Transport Group develop three following applications for Leonardo da Vinci, the EU Programme for Vocational Training:

• PROVET-Mobility. In order to give VET teacher in the Swedish Vehicle Programme greater European experience and knowledge of the vocational training program offered in Europe.

• IVI-Mobility of trainees in selected professional programs in the Swedish Vehicle Programme. In order to give them the work experience in Europe.

• Partnership to develop European contacts and strengthen cooperation between enterprises and vocational training for the Vehicle sector.

The ambition is that Amledo & Co. also will be responsible for the implementation of the projects receiving EU support in cooperation with The Transport Group – the umbrella organisation for associations and companies in the transportation sector in Sweden, Ref Mr Caj Luoma, directing manager for training, education and labour market,

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