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Ecofurniture Final Conference

During the 28-29 February partners in the project Ecofurniture meet in Bucharest, Romania for the project’s final conference. The partners in the project ASFOR and INL from Romania, FCBA and Neopolis from France, AIDIMA from Spain and Amledo & Co from Sweden presented their findings from the project and the ways in which the new training is conducted in each country and the results of the pilot studies conducted in Spain, France and Sweden.

We at Amledo & Co especially want to thank the Swedish companies Mind, Swedwood, Samhall, Offecta, Edsbyverken, Norrgavel and Hedemora interiors that participated in the initial study to investigate the competence need in sustainability issues for furniture production. We want to thank TMF och Agnefridgymnasium who helped to evaluate the new course content and relevance in the pilot study conducted in Sweden.

Amledo & Co hopes to make the new study material available as an online course in Sweden.