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Mario Massa & Patrick Ärlemalm

New services for the Irene.T website

The partners of the Irene.t network have during 2011 worked with the development of new services for the Irene.t website available for members in the Irene.t network. The new services will soon be provided online.

Become a member and you will find recommendations of tools for analysing competences, European map of training for the third sector and suggestions on how communication can be improved between organisations and VET in the third sector.

The partners of the Irene.t have during a conference and workshop in Milan, Italy worked together with external participants to evaluate the new services and the new website in order to increase the value of the services of the Irene.t network online. External participants attending were from the Municipality of Milan “Comune di Milano” and from organisations and VET in the third sector.

The new webpage will be launched before the end of September 2011. Please contact us, we will be happy to provide more information about the Irene.t network.

Pictured: Mario Massa, Consorzio ASIS and Patrick Ärlemalm, Amledo & Co