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Granted application for the Erasmus+ KA1

Amledo & Co has now received a decision on the granted application for the Erasmus+ KA1 accredited project in the vocational education sector, 2023, which corresponds to 100% of the requested budget. Partner schools with automotive training are Ystad Gymnasium, Wendesgymnasiet, Lugnetgymnasiet, Vägga Gymnasieskola, Jacobsskolan, Högbergsskolan in Tierp, Bruksgymnasiet, Praktiska Jönköping, Ellen Fries gymnasium, TTC Jönköping, Anderstorpsgymnasiets, Nyköpings gymnasium, Jälla vocational gymnasium, Östrabo gymnasium, Nobelgymnasiet, Westerlundska gymnasium, Nordenbergsskolan, Uddevalla adult education in collaboration with the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises.