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European collaboration sharpens vehicle students

The vehicle programs at Nordenbergsskolan and Vägga begin collaboration.

We feel that we can learn from you to the electricity and hybrid courses. We would like to take part of your structure and how you practically work around the courses. What material should you have and what gives the best lessons to the students. When can we come for such an inspiration/education day? You have many contacts and knowledge that we feel we want to take part in. You are an inspiration to us. It writes, Emil teacher of vehicle technology at Vägga gymnasium in Karlshamn to his colleague Jonas at Nordenbergsskolan in Olofström.

Please read the report for more tips on how to develop your vehicle training.

Patrick √Ąrlemalm, CEO and project coordinator with the support of Erasmus+ in collaboration with the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises and vehicle teachers.