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The benefits of working with digital skills portfolios is very good.

Teachers of automotive engineering, Electricity, Hotels and Restaurants, Swedish and English in a successful work together with colleagues in Finland and partner schools in the Netherlands and Scotland. What makes a good digital portfolio? An Erasmus+ project on how knowledge and methods can be deepened and developed on how students can use digital skills portfolios in school and further in working life.

Kainuu Vocational College, Finland, reported: Working on digital skills portfolios facilitated cooperation between teachers as they gained a common understanding of what to do and what was required. Students also understand why they should make their own digital skills portfolio and teachers motivated and encouraged them with advice such as “Try to practice how to demonstrate your own skills”. The teachers received great feedback from the students. They liked to see what to do and to understand the task, as the teachers gave them an overview of the entire task. Students were motivated and their self-confidence increased. Students who were not very good at the computer, also did the task well. Cooperation between nuclear teachers and character subject teachers improved and facilitated the core subject teachers’ understanding of their professional tasks. The employer perspective was also an important part of understanding. The effects of the e-portfolio with video were also that customer service skills, speech skills and writing skills were made visible, practiced and improved. The immediate effect noted was the students’ increased communication skills. The experience of the pedagogical benefits of working with digital competence portfolios is very good.

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By Patrick Ärlemalm, Amledo & Co

What makes a good Digital Portfolio?