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Digital competence portfolios

Analysis of company criteria for a useful digital competence portfolio, which facilitates staff recruitment

• Over 80% of companies believe that digital competence is important for the business.

• 87 companies out of 98 are positive about digital competence portfolios and 68 are very positive.

• 64% of companies think that a video that shows important skills is good.

• Three out of four companies think that a digital CV should be visually appealing and easy to see.

• 84% of companies emphasize education and school as important

• Good technical understanding (78%) and skill in performing common tasks is also important (82%).

Partners are Kainuun ammattiopisto,  Stichting Regionaal Opleidingen Centrum Aventus, Dundee and Angus College, Sweden: Jacobsskolan, Nordenbergsskolan, Skärgårdsgymnasiet, Ystad Gymnasium. Coordinator is Amledo & Co.