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Kickoff for Erasmus + vehicle team!

The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises and Amledo & Co gathered representatives from partner schools and visitors from Germany at a start-up meeting for international cooperation in automotive engineering education. The start-up meeting at Jälla vehicle college in Uppsala was the start of the Provehicle 5 project, which will offer students and teachers study visits and internships in Europe. Through internship and exchange projects, participants gain international work experience and knowledge in their professional field. International exchanges for development knowledge contacts and education are more important today than ever for the transport industry because so much is happening in technology development. The quality of education is crucial for attracting more students, but also for best matching with the needs of the companies. It is important to continuously be able to offer teachers continuing education and skills development, something that the Erasmus project contributes to. But it is also about the students’ education which is determined by the quality. A quality education at the right level is crucial for Sweden not to slip behind in the development of technology. Sweden is at the forefront of technology development in the transport industry, but we have much to learn from other countries. Transport cannot be seen as a national phenomenon but on the contrary. In addition, we have several examples of young people in their careers who have taken jobs abroad – something that not all industries can offer. Projects are supported by Erasmus +.