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New on-line traning of mentors in the vehicle industry for free

Vocational teacher and work place mentor get good tips for free how to promote excellent result in training of learners. Check out the video . You find more when you enrol the e-Learning Partners from Germany, Scotland and Sweden have worked together to provide free tips for teachers and mentors, with examples from the automotive industry. You find – First day at the work place, Learning evaluation- Educational planning, Role of the mentor as facilitator, Regular monitoring of the training report (logbook), Use of training materials e.g. mock-up models, detailed work specifications, pool of practical exercises and Feedback sheets: -external and self-evaluation. Go to Amledo & Co e-Learning. Use the contact function to us when you want to enrol the e-Learning and check it out. It is for free.

Project number: 2015-1-SE01-KA202-012241. With the support of the Erasmus+