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VET in motor trade becoming more popular in Sweden

The Swedish vehicle and transport programs are the winners increasing most of the vocational programs.  Almost all vocational programs had more applicants compared with the previous academic year. This spring, 38 percent of the students sought a vocational program in the first place, which is an increase of 1.2 percentage points compared with last year. Most increased vehicle and transportation program, which had 900 more applicants, representing an increase of 17 percent.

“With clear-cut insights in the industry’s future and a major joint venture on internationalization, it now has a greater place in vehicle training than anyone could predict. It has also resulted in a robust growth in the number of applicants for the vehicle program and a negative trend is broken. It has improved the education status and quality above the average. It has inspired learners and teachers to take step in the world to develop an attractive vehicle education and training in line with the industry’s skills needs with rapid technological development in an increasingly global environment that places new knowledge requirements on ability to handle foreign languages, cultures and values ​​”, says Patrick Ärlemalm, CEO, Amledo & Co.

Provehicle 4, 2017-1-SE01-KA102-034347 supported by Erasmus+