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Job shadowing in Germany and the Netherlands

To job shadow colleagues in another country provides international experience and learn how to work with vocational training in other countries. Two vehicle VET instructors from Sweden learned a lot.

Job shadowing Aventus Apeldoorn in Holland

I was on both theoretical and practical lessons and visits to students’ internships. Job shadowing can be likened to a deeper study visit where you get very good contact with both staff and students. Language was no barrier communication and was mostly in English but I felt that I understood even the Dutch theory lessons

A very good visit that gave a lot of thought, hints and understanding of how automotive training can be conducted. Per-Ola Persson, instructor in vehicle, Hässleholm

Job shadowing Chamber of Crafts Kaiserslautern in Germany

We take part of methods for teaching planning. It took three years for the teacher at Chamber of Crafts to create all the material, theoretically and practically, and sample student should do. There is also a detailed schedule to facilitate the planning and implementation of teaching. We got us a specimen and we are going to create such a plan early as next year. Keijo Sipinen, instructor truck and mobile machinery, Nyköping