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    We at Amledo & Co specialize in project development, human resource, research, evaluation, marketing and communications with focus on European projects.

Research and Evaluation

Amledo & Co Consultancy has extensive experience in supporting projects, through excellent services in human resources-, research, analytical work, reports and evaluation of European Projects. Amledo & Co are certified by the Swedish University Mälardalens högskola in on-going evaluation. The certification confirms that the holder has the right skills to carry out on-going evaluation in projects and programs within the ESF and Regional funds. Amledo & Co has participated in several European studies and projects in areas such as education, vocational training, mobility and sustainability as well as other social issues. We also hold lectures for organizations with a focus on EU-funded projects.

With our team of academically qualified consultants we deliver excellent solutions adapted to the needs of your organisation or project. Our solutions aim to improve individual as well as organisational performance in management and development, which are essential factors for success in today’s highly competitive market. Our experts recognise that working with organisation requires experience and extensive knowledge, due to the complexity of the modern and often constantly changing environment.We carry out in collaboration with the project manager and stakeholders:

  •      Ongoing-evaluation
  •      Data collection through surveys, interviews and observations.
  •      Evaluation and monitoring missions
  •      Analyses and reports

Amledo & Co has also made project evaluations reports for several projects with funding from the European Union.